Nothing makes traveling harder than overpacking a giant suitcase that you are then stuck lugging around.This is especially true if your travel plans involve multiple cities or public transportation. The fact is, there are plenty of items you can avoid bringing with you when you travel. Below are 10 things NOT to pack in your bags: excess stuff you’ll be better off leaving at home.

1. An Outfit for Every Day of the Week

It might feel like you need to bring a different outfit for each day, but you only need to bring a week’s worth of clothes. A few different bottoms and a rotation of classic tops that coordinate nicely are all you need. Bring one nicer evening outfit and two pairs of comfortable shoes, and you’re ready to go!


2. Gadgets

Stick to one important piece of tech. We’d suggest picking your cellphone, but if you need a bigger screen, bring a tablet. Laptops and their chargers are bulky and easily left behind, so save yourself some hassle and prioritize one or two devices that you really need. Make sure you have planned great ways to store and carry the tech stuff you do have with you.



3. Valuable Jewelry

With luggage potentially getting lost or looted, there’s no reason to bring costly jewelry. If you want a little bling, opt for fashion jewelry instead. Leave the family heirlooms at home.

4. Traveler’s Checks

Leave this tradition in the past! Bring a debit and credit card and you can’t go wrong. Be sure to let the your banking and credit card companies know when and where you’ll be traveling. While not all insist on this, it’s still a good policy.


5. Sleep Sacks

If you’re afraid of bed bugs, skip a sleep sack and just book with reputable hotels that have plenty of reviews. If there are bedbugs, someone will have mentioned it in a review. Trust us.

6. “Just in Case” Items

If you’re going to the tropics, it’s unlikely you’re going to encounter a sudden cold snap that requires a sweater. If you have a headache at the airport, visit a kiosk and purchase a travel-size pack of medicine. Remind yourself that if you find yourself needing items, you can always pick something up at the destination.


7. Books

Books are heavy and bulky! Download your reading materials onto your Kindle, phone or tablet. And yes, that includes guidebooks. There are many free books that make for great travel reading, including many of the classic titles.


8. Electric Hair Tools

Most hotels have an in-unit hair dryer, so leave these bulky items at home!


9. Lots of denim

Denim is a classic look, but it’s also heavy and bulky. Stick to one pair of jeans to keep the weight and volume of your bags down.


10. Multiple Jackets

Research the weather for your destination during the time you are going and bring one coat or a piece of outerwear that suits that climate. You can always layer other pieces of clothing if you get colder than expected.

Finally, remember to leave any unnecessary toiletries, food, or clothing items at home and trust that if you need them, you’ll be able to find comparable goods at your destination. This, of course, does not include essential medications appropriate for your journey. If you pack for your destination by doing a little research beforehand, you can efficiently take just what you need, and avoid unnecessary hassle. Pack light and have fun!

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