Join renowned energy healer and Egyptian mysteries expert Beverley Howarth on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to hidden sacred sites and temples

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The phrase “once-in-a-lifetime-trip” is thrown around quite a bit in the travel world, but we can certainly say that Beverley Howarth’s Alchemical Masters Nile Journey has earned the right to use the phrase.

Step back in time and radically transform your consciousness with this tour through some of Egypt’s most sacred sites. This small, select group of like-minded journeyers is headed by Beverley Howarth, a healer and guide who will lead you through Egypt’s Nile and temple regions on this unique tour.

Beverley Howarth Tours Alchemical Masters Nile Journey

You will be accompanied by two guides at all times: an Egyptologist and a docent who handle absolutely every detail, from meeting you at your arrival all the way to the airport dropoff for your return home. You will be amazed by the closeness formed within the group as the trip unfolds.

With an emphasis on personal growth and spiritual development, this trip will put you in touch with the universal spirit in all of us. Click here to see the full description of the tour on Beverley’s website, or read on for our breakdown of this remarkable tour.

About Beverley Howarth

Beverley hails from Brisbane, Australia, where she has been honing her expertise on ancient Egypt, its rituals, and its gods and goddesses for many years. She has led people on tours for the past 12 years, and is an esoteric healer with a graduate degree from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Her profound compassion brings her clients and students to new heights and understanding, and many report this tour as being a profound and life-changing experience.

Dates for the 2018 Tour

  • When: 15 October 2018 – 25 October 2018
  • Travelers meet up and depart from Cairo, Egypt
  • You are fully escorted from your arrival at Cairo airport to your departure at the airport
  • You can find a full itinerary with trip location photos here: https://beverleyhowarth.squarespace.com/schedule

Some Itinerary Highlights

  • An intimate, comfortable 7-day Nile cruise on a traditional dahabeya sailing boat
  • 5-star accommodations
  • Fine Egyptian and Middle Eastern cuisine
  • Private temple visit at the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx enclosure
  • Camel Ride on the Giza Plateau
  • Overnight Camping in the White Desert
  • Shopping in Cairo

Beverley Howarth Tours Alchemical Masters Nile Journey

You’ll Learn About:

  • Sacred Geometry
  • The Relationship to the Divine Heart of Compassion
  • Energy Portals and Opening the Heart Chakra and Merkaba
  • Activation of the Elements

The Philosophy:

Here’s a breakdown of the philosophy behind Beverley’s technique.

A Merkabah is a divine light used to connect with the higher realms. “Mer” means light, “Ka” means spirit, and “Ba” means body; so a “merkabah” is a spirit and body surrounded by fields of light that connect your body to a higher dimension. Beverley explains that our merkaba is our light body, a star shape that looks a bit like two three-cornered pyramids that help us move between realities. Beverley’s trip harnesses the energy portals that travelers visit, connecting you to energy portals on the River Nile and surounding areas. Developing and nourishing your own sacred geometry (your light pyramid) is a deeply personal experience that can help you access the Divine, both during your tour and beyond!

Beverley studied Unified Physics, which looks at the world from the point of view of a connected universe. It asks questions about how we relate to each other and to the earth, and how our views impact everything, from our creativity to our potential. From black holes to Spacetime, Unified Physics presents and elegant answer to some of science’s unsolved questions.

If you want more information, you can read Beverley’s fascinating book.

Sights to Write Home About

On this unique tour, you can expect to see some of the world’s most ancient, scared, and fascinating sites during your journey. Here are a few of the stops you’ll make on this trip, along with some historical context. 

Day 2: The Sun Temple of Niuserre at Abu Ghurab

One of only two surviving sun temples, the Sun Temple is dedicated to the sun god Ra and features eight alabaster basins used during offering ceremonies by ancient Egyptians.

At Sakkara, you’ll visit Djoser’s step pyramid. Built in 2667–2648 BC, this is the earliest large-scale cut stone pyramid. The temple is associated with the North Stars, and although the tomb was robbed and the burial chamber emptied, five pointed stars were once carved into the ceiling: symbols of rebirth and eternity.

Beverley Howarth Tours Alchemical Masters Nile Journey

Day 4: El Kab

At El Kab, you’ll visit a prehistoric Egyptian settlement featuring rock-cut tombs and temples from the Early Dynastic period. The village was dedicated to Nekhbet, a goddess who took the form of a white vulture.

Day 7: Hathor Temple

Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of love, joy, and motherhood, had her religious center at the temple complex at Dendera. Hathor’s temple is the largest and most impressive structure at Dendera, and her temple is one of the best-preserved temples in Egypt. Carvings, hieroglyphs, and colored statues await your exploration!

Day 9: The White Desert

A few hours outside Cairo, the White Desert features unique calcium rock formations. The landscape looks almost lunar, and the tour spends the night camping among these naturally formed sculptures. Sunsets there are beautiful, and the calcium formations look different depending on the time of day.

Beverley Howarth Tours Alchemical Masters Nile Journey

What Beverley’s Previous Guests Have Said:

Curious? Here’s what some past participants have said in this video from a previous trip.

  • “This trip is totally life-changing.”
  • “It’s an amazing mix of experiences of friendship and of myself. A journey of history with some profound awakenings.”
  • “I can feel the change in me personally. It’s an effortless, gentle transformation.”
  • “Bev is an amazing being, so quiet, so peaceful, but so much strength. And sometimes to really push you where you need to go.”
  • “She’s got the tools to change your life.”
  • “We gather around a sacred place, and we set the intention to bring greater consciousness to the planet and then we surrender to what unfolds.”
  • “Everything is organic. It just happens. you don’t make anything happen.”
  • “During the whole process of this ten days of journey through Egypt and the activations, I’ve felt totally absolutely safe and held and supported. I couldn’t ask for more than that.”
  • “This journey has opened a door for so much more.”
  • “If you feel called, please give yourself a gift of this journey.”

You can read more statements from past attendees at Bev’s website’s testimonial page.

Beverley Howarth Tours Alchemical Masters Nile Journey

Send Beverley an email:

This trip is highly focused on personal and spiritual development, so you may want to reach out to Beverley yourself to decide if it’s the right tour for you. She’s a lovely person, and you can contact her at this email address: bevhowarth@me.com

Beverley is a registered travel agent, and you can rest assured that you will be in safe and capable hands on your journey. She works exclusively with a registered agency in Egypt where she knows everyone very well, and can vouch for every aspect of the trip.


Beverley’s site is easy to navigate, and you can find even more information direct from the source! Check out her website to learn more or register! This tour has just six spots, so if you’re interested, it’s in your best interest to reserve early.

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