How to Choose the Right Travel Insurance: 7 Tips & Tricks

Travel insurance gives you peace of mind, reduces hassles, and makes a disaster situation much easier and less expensive. Here are our top tips to choose a travel insurance provider that will cover your specific needs.

Essential Travel Photography Gear for Your Next Trip: 10 Must-Have Items

If you want to take truly excellent photos on your vacation, you’re going to have to commit to bringing some supplies to make it happen. A good gear kit will make taking and storing excellent photos much easier, so don’t leave home without a few of these items!

Travelshoot: International Photo Shoots Made Possible (and Fun!)

Travel makes memories that you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life and the most precious physical items you come home with are the photos you take. Travelshoot is an international photo service that connects travelers with professional photographers at world travel destinations. Learn more on the blog!