Bring The Cozy Comfort of Classic French Style into Your Home

Bring The Cozy Comfort of Classic French Style into Your Home

French country design is a classic and warm style of interior decorating that mixes cottage touches with elegant and thoughtful finishes. It’s a timeless look for a reason! If you want to bring a little France into your own home, here are a few ways you can enliven and enrich your space with French elements without importing a cottage from Southern France.

Get Inspired

Start off your interior design makeover by getting inspired. Browse Google Images, Pinterest, and reference books to help you identify what particular elements of French country design you would like for your home.

Cut out or photocopy pages or magazine spreads that speak to you and assemble them into a collage. You can also use scraps of fabric or other textiles to help you bring all your ideas together.

We recommend the fantastic book French Accents: Farmhouse French Style For Today’s Home to get started.

Add in Creams

A hallmark of this style of decoration is soft pastel neutrals like creams, whites, light blues, and teals. These timeless classics all look great mixed together, so you don’t have to worry about perfectly matching your ecru couch to the eggshell walls. You’ve got some color flexibility and a little variety adds to the overall effect!

When in doubt, always opt for a cream or off white color.

Use Rustic Textures

A neutral color palette gives you more room to play with textures, so incorporate as many of the style’s trademark materials as you want. Unfinished or distressed wood, rough linens, canvas, worn rugs, and buttery soft leather all go hand in hand with this style. A little wear and tear brings the warmth this style is known for, so don’t worry about finding pristine items.

Go Antiquing

Speaking of well-worn items, French country style looks fantastic with antique finds. Rococo, Louis XIV, and similar styles all blend in well, but don’t feel limited to what’s authentic. Look for colors, textures, and designs that evoke the calm, rustic vibe of a French country cottage, and display them with pride! There are many amazing guides to French Antiquing if you’re interested in perusing the countryside looking for diamonds in the ruff.

Minimalism may be trending, but we think everyone likes a good cheval mirror.



Mix Old and New

You don’t have to reinvent your whole style to enjoy this look. Throw a slipcover on your current couch, reframe your art in some vintage frames, or paint your walls a mellow hue. Add in the design pieces that you really like to enhance the effect, and play around with your space until what you have works well with pieces you add.

Remember that you shouldn’t imitate the style, but bring your own flair to it!

Bonne chance!

Introduction and Welcome to The Loftus Guides

Introduction and Welcome to The Loftus Guides


Hello and Welcome!


Here at The Loftus Guides we’re passionate about what we do, which is to help you make the most of your vacations. Every week we post great ideas and suggestions for you:


We spend a great deal of time researching your favourite destinations, so you don’t have to!


We want to make sure all you have to think about is how much fun to have each day. Watch for our comprehensive articles and guides as we roll out brand new content and a series of websites, tailored to bring you plenty of great tips. You won’t find a list of things no-one’s ever heard of; that’s not the point. We want to enhance the experience you will have – whether you are visiting all the famous sites of a place or want a quieter version.


We’re so excited, to bring you each new destination in our unfolding plan! Here’s what we have planned for the next few weeks:


Secrets of Sicily


The beautiful island of Sicily is incomparable to anywhere else in Italy. It embodies an identity that sets it apart and makes it uniquely Sicilian. A bucket list destination for many, those who visit it once intend and do always come back for more. For those who identify with it – nothing could be stronger.


Our in-house professional writer Rosanna Bonura is one of those people. With family roots in Sicily, an extensive knowledge of its culture, and a trip planned for 2018, let her guide you to the best kept secrets of this majestic island as you continue to discover its gems.


Secrets of Bordeaux


World class in every way, Bordeaux is a must see. Whether it’s the region or the urban gem of Bordeaux itself, you’ll be impressed with everything it has to offer. Bordeaux is about so much more than wine! The city itself is a jewel in France’s architectural crown.


Spend a few extra days to visit the museums and exhibits of Bordeaux and enjoy its pedestrian friendly atmosphere at the same time. You’ll be amazed by the riverfront walks and restaurant terraces, network of streets with no cars, and the energy of a young, vibrant, artistic population – conscious of its history, but very much forward-thinking.


For wine lovers, right in the heart of the city is the Civilisation de la Cite du Vin, a brand new signature architectural feat and the epicentre for an increasingly global presence for Bordeaux and its wines.


From street performances to a famous Christmas market and yearround events, the high speed train from Paris puts Bordeaux right on the doorstep for most travelers.


Secrets of Languedoc


This very large region of South Western France is sometimes called ‘the other Provence’. It is commonly known as Languedoc-Roussillon and Occitanie, especially with the newly defined administrative regions of France.


Vineyards? World class wines? You better believe it! Vestiges from every period of history? You bet! Stunning landscapes – mountain and sea? Absolutely! Canal holidays? Mais oui, mais oui – but of course!


This is without doubt, a part of the world that has to be experienced. It’s unique and wild, with a faraway feeling that many say has an energy all its own.


Secrets of Niagara


Last, but by no means least! Niagara Falls is not the world’s largest waterfall, but definitely the one with the most water going over the edge.. a spectacular landscape to go with it, and thanks to it also being wine country, many places to stay in this charming neck of the woods that is absolutely worth the visit. Millions of people know this and visit every year, so we’ve got some special tips to help you plan ahead.


Enough said, Secrets of Niagara is up first – all aboard for a wonderful tour!

4 Reasons Why Kindles Are The Best eReaders for Travel

4 Reasons Why Kindles Are The Best eReaders for Travel

Have you ever heard anyone say they want to take a covered wagon journey across the country and lose half their traveling party to Rocky Mountain Fever along the way? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

It’s just a plain simple truth that modern technology has made travel easier and more pleasant, and the growth of tablets and e-readers is no exception. Here at The Loftus Guides, we’re big fans of the Amazon Kindle, because we think it’s an ideal travel companion for any twenty-first-century traveler.

Considering purchasing one? Here’s our take!

Kindles are lightweight. These things are some of the lightest pieces of tech you can buy, especially at such a low price point compared to iPads or laptops.

And that’s not even getting into the weight of taking even a single book with you. Books are heavy and bulky, and even if you bring a few only have little flexibility in your reading material.

You can tuck a Kindle in your carry on without feeling a difference, and, even better….

The battery lasts forever. Seriously. On an e-ink Kindle, the battery life can last you weeks on end. If you brought a portable charger- read for a month completely off-grid. Covered wagon journey, anyone?


But if you opt for the more full-featured Kindle Fire model, your battery life isn’t as impressive, however you have an LCD screen and a host of apps you can use to make up for the decreased battery life.


Still, we’ve been consistently stunned by the battery life on Kindle e-readers.


Plus, they’re cost effective. You can get an entry level kindle for under $80, which is pretty mind-blowing considering the battery life and weight of these things. Buying a single Kindle is about the same cost as buying four regular books at a bookstore.


When you add in the sheer number of free or incredibly inexpensive books on Amazon (or wherever you like to buy books), the savings of switching to a digital reader are immense. For people who travel a lot, this can really add up. Plus, if you have Prime, you’re entitled to a suite of free (or next to free) books.


They’re flexible. When you’re choosing which Kindle you want, there’s a whole range of options you can select from. If you’re a no-frills reader, the entry level models give you all the space and flexibility you want at a low price point.

If you value having a backlit screen, you can get a Paperwhite model for not too much more money. For people who travel a lot, this can be a really helpful feature if your light source is unpredictable. For example, it’s nice to be able to read on airplanes without those horrible overhead lights.

And if you want something with more features, the Fire model gives you the abilities of any tablet.

All in all, we think the Kindle is the way to go in terms of price, size, flexibility, and battery life. Do you have any travel tech essentials? Drop us a line and let us know!