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We help travelers by crafting artisanal guides, articles, and books that are focused on experiential travel.

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The Loftus Guides helps travelers by crafting artisanal guides, articles, and books that are focused on experiential travel. We pride ourselves in navigating some of the world’s most interesting destinations to bring you highly curated advice, tips, and information carefully assembled in order to make each and every trip you embark on a memorable one.

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Give the Gift of Experience

Why we always recommend giving gift cards, theater tickets, and experiential presents over materialistic items How many times in your life have you received gifts that you didn’t care for, only to hang onto it for years so you didn’t hurt the...

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Lighthouse Stay, Anyone?

What is it.. about a lighthouse? What is it that makes a lighthouse somewhat of an icon in our culture? Of course we know, that many no longer serve, or at least - aren't manned. They've either been automated, or simply aren't needed anymore, as we now...

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Top 8 Travel Photography Tips

Rebecca Northcott's Top 8 Tips For Travel Photography Rebecca originates from Yorkshire, England. She specializes in portraiture of families, individuals and couples. Since traveling to Canada 10 years ago she has become a lover of travel,...

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Introduction and Welcome to The Loftus Guides

  Hello and Welcome!   Here at The Loftus Guides we're passionate about what we do, which is to help you make the most of your vacations. Every week we post great ideas and suggestions for you:   We spend a great deal of time researching your favourite...

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Our Top 8 Travel Must Haves

At Loftus Guides, we believe the best trips don’t require a lot of frills to be meaningful and memorable, but we also know that the right tools make travel a lot easier. So we’ve compiled a list of our essentials for your next trip that will preserve your sanity and organize your life without breaking the bank.

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