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Welcome! The Loftus Guides helps travelers by crafting destination guides, articles and e-books that are focused on experiential travel.

Not only do we spend time researching and curating a range of tourist and travel websites for you, but we follow up to make sure the information is accurate and trustworthy.  We also pride ourselves on keeping everything up to date. We do the research, so you don’t have to. We do our best for you!

The Loftus Guides is here to help you make the most of your trip – to destinations both popular and a bit off-the-beaten-path.

We’re dedicated to bringing you helpful tips and great content on many of the world’s best travel destinations. We use our resources to create lists and posts for you that are practical,  inspiring and interactive. Have a question? Get in touch and let us know! Interested in a destination or attraction we haven’t yet covered? We’d love to hear from you!

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But just what does “Experiential travel” even mean?  

It’s become such a ‘buzzword’ in the travel business that it has entered the domain of over-use! Here’s what it means to us: this is the sort of travel for those who not only want to visit the top 10 attractions in a place and take pictures –  but to really experience the daily life, the culture, the history of a place. To immerse yourself in a destination, and return home feeling like you’ve really gotten to know a people, their culture, traditions and lifestyle – up-close and personal.

Introducing Secrets of Niagara

First out of the stable is Secrets of Niagara, focused on Niagara Falls and the region of Niagara in southern Ontario, Canada. In addition to covering all the region’s most sought-after tourist attractions, the site also focuses on the beautiful array of small, mostly family-owned vineyards that  flourish in the peninsula’s micro-climate, superbly adapted for grape-growing.

Because of its climate, the Niagara region also has many orchards, famous for their soft fruit production and numerous summer fruit festivals. Apple orchards at the ready has also led to a new development: cider production.

We offer a FREE downloadable guide for the cideries in Canada’s Niagara region: another surprise for those seeking a sophisticated take on this growing and evolving interest in micro-production, and the all the fun that comes with the experience.

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Next Up? Sites Coming Soon  

Our next sites to launch this year  will be “Secrets of Croatia” followed by “Secrets of Bordeaux” sometimes – most deservedly – referred to as “The Little Paris” (you’ll find out why) and “Secrets of Languedoc”. The last of these is an area of southwestern France also known as “the other Provence”, another very apt nickname. There are so many ‘hidden’ gems to share with you, for all of these truly wonderful destinations- some off the beaten track and others simply extraordinary.


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